Why some child stars walk away from Hollywood

June 17, 2013

Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin' Monday - Train With Madonna!

Madonna kicks off the MDNA North America Tour Opener in Philadelphia on August 28, 2012 -- Getty Images Yikes. “The life of a childhood star is about business. It’s about agents, managers, publicists, parental pressure and being a character that is not you,” Dr. Reef Karim, Medical Director of The Control Center and a prominent Hollywood addiction specialist, told FOX411 Pop Tarts column.
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Hollywood Honors Elmo Puppeteer (and Accused Child Sex-Abuser) With Three Emmy Awards

This gal is a dynamo of energy. She had me skipping on an elevated treadmill for 30 minutes and we did a series of intense toning exercises. All I remember was the sweat was on and I was a little bit sore afterwards. Hey, no pain, no gain! Nicole is super sweet and has a wealth of fitness information. So, it's no wonder Madonna trusts Nicole with sculpting her body.
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This weekend, the voters of the Daytime Emmy awards granted three Emmys to Clash, including the trophy for Outstanding Performer In a Children’s Series to Kevin Clash, recently accused of serial sexual pursuit of teenaged boys. AP reported it , and recycled the claim: “Clash's lawyer has said that related lawsuits filed against the entertainer are without merit.” They quoted no one attacking the Emmy voters or Clash for their lack of morality. Clash shared trophies for outstanding pre-school children's series and directing in a children's series with a “Sesame Street” team. One might try to argue that it’s unfair to punish the other puppeteers for Clash’s behavior, but the Emmy voters singled him out for glory and honor. Clash in facing three lawsuits that accuse him of luring underage boys into sexual relationships (through Internet chat rooms), plying them with money, gifts and even drugs and alcohol. AP did not make room for the recent New York Post report that earlier in the month, Clash’s lawyer “urged a judge to toss the suits, claiming they’re barred by a statute of limitations that gave the plaintiffs three years to file once they turned 18 — a deadline they all failed to meet.” How would the anti-Catholic lobby in the media deal with that kind of move to protect a sex abuser?
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