'Hollywood Hillbillies': 'Gingers have souls' YouTube kid gets reality show

July 30, 2013

Perhaps its some weird effect that reality television has had on the business that people think, If they can't do it, we can. Or perhaps it's a kind of participatory democracy at a time when we feel powerless. Since Kickstarter launched in 2009, a total of $720 million has been raised by the site, with film being the second to largest category after music. Thousands of people have contributed to nearly 30,000 films on Kickstarter. For fans like Mayfield, The most exciting part has been getting updates about the movie from Rob Thomas and discussingthem with my friends who are Veronica Mars fans, she wrote. Its fun to be intimately connected to a movie that I care about. Whatever is driving these numbers, the crowdfunding site seems to have its finger on the pulse of what filmgoers want. Zach Braff successfully funded hisGarden State sequel,Wish I Was Here, to the tune of more than $3 million, while last years darling of Sundance, the documentaryAi Weiwei: Never Sorry, took in $52,175 on the crowdfunding site--more than twice its original goal. Following in their footsteps, Spike Lee turned to Kickstarter this week in a bid to make a film about humans who are addicted to blood. Both Lee and Braff have been criticized for their use of the crowdfunding site, with many speculating whether their star power undermines the sites original mission of giving lesser-known projects a voice.
Source: http://www.inc.com/jill-krasny/what-hollywood-can-learn-from-kickstarter.html

Though they don't take too kindly to comparisons to another "hillbilly" reality family. Dee Dee says Honey Boo Boo needs some discipline. "She needs to be spanked," says Dee Dee. "I mean, I'm sorry. She's terrible. If I would be acting like that, we would have been buried in the backyard." ReelzChannel plans to debut "Hollywood Hillbillies" in January.
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Hollywood liberals defy conservatives (Photos)

What spews out of your mouths now is so aligned to the left-wing liberals, its frightening. More and more of you who, have been admired for you performances and what was portrayed as an intelligent mind, have now become repugnant to those formerly enticed by the glamour or Hollywood. If you go beyond the glamour and glitz theres not much else to see. Any signs of intelligence seem to have vanished when it comes to the issues of the day and who the real perpetrators in this country of lawlessness and evil. You continue to side with the most corrupt party in the land; the Democrats, as they spew out lie after lie after lie from the president on down. Keep backing them, Hollywood and you can rest assured that if they see the fulfilling of their agendas, you can kiss your money and any popularity you think you may have with them good-bye.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/hollywood-liberals-defy-conservatives

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